Fishing Report

from the Ebb Tide II - Montauk Point, Long Island, NY


Captain Jake reports a pretty damn good morning trip considering the wind never dropped out. We found some thick fluke along with a decent amount of Seabass to keep rods bending. Ed from Montauk had a banner day taking the pool with a 5.2. He added a 5lber as well. Janey had a 4.25 and surprise of the day was Tony with a 3 and 4 lber!!!! In the afternoon the fluke shut down but we had a few shorts along with some sea bass. Angelo took the pool with a 2.5lb biscuit.


Another solid day for those who rode the ‘Tide! The morning trips conditions were a bit nautical but our hearty crew hung in and put a great catch together. The fluke bite returned and we had a solid number of keepers along with a good amount of stud Sea Bass. Jane from Montauk took the pool with a 4.5lb whistle fish. In the afternoon conditions were just perfect. We had a ton of short fluke along with a decent number of keepers and keeper Seabass. We had a close battle for the pool but Tanya’s 5lber bested Joe by an ounce.

8/27/21 PM

The Ebb Tide II ventured off to the hard bottom in the heat of the afternoon and once we got tide we hammered the Sea Bass again. Christine “spro’d” a 5lber to take the fluke pool!!

8/27/21 AM

Reporting from the Skippers wheelhouse it was a complete Sea Bass annihilation on this mornings trip. We got back to our offshore grounds and easily had our boat limit of sweet Biscuits. Jane spent most of the day jerking her pole nailed a 3lb fluke to take the pool. Many happy families are eating good tonight!!!


Today’s trips were decent as most went home with filet. The fluke bite was lethargic again though we managed a few keepers. The Seabass turned on towards the end of the morning trip and bit well once the ride got going in the afternoon. Sag Harbor Tom took another pool with a 3.5lber in the morning and Dan nailed a 3lber in the afternoon along with a fat trigger fish and his limit of Seabass to 3lbs.


Capt Ant reports a slow morning. We had a couple keeper fluke but for the most part the south side in perfect drifting conditions just didn’t produce. Pete from Oceanside took the pool with a 3.5lber. In the afternoon we had a family charter for Grandpas 70th. He wanted Seabass and Seabass he got. 3 generations limited out on knotheads. Check out the pride on this beautiful family’s faces!!!


Captain Ant reports a solid trip for Seabass our first time out after Henri. Conditions were much improved with a few patches of dirty water but that didn’t stop the biscuits. If anything they became more aggressive as the trip went on. Terri took the pool with a Jumbo 3lber. Most had their limits.


Some trip highlights today! Howard and Richie took the pools today both with 5lbers. Andrew took second in the morning with a 4lber (pictured 3rd). Thanks to all the families that came out today!


Long day of fishing on the ‘Tide. Things started pretty good on the AM trip. Nice Seabass were had by all with a few nailing a fluke or two to take home. Leigh Matt and Rocco limited on Sea Bass and Leigh had a beauty flattie. John had a pair but Steve had a bigger pair and took the pool. In the afternoon we had a special trip for a wonderful family of 3 generations. Many of the youngsters caught their first fish ever. Grandma was in her glory and has plenty of whole fish to grill. We finished the trip up in front of the light house for a special photo-op. On the sunset trip Capt Ant reports a slow pick. No drift meant no bite. Bob from Montauk caught the pool winning fluke and a bunch of biscuits. Jake from NYC had the magic touch. The sunset was much better than the catching as represented in the pics.


Capt Ant reports all in all a good day on the Tide. We had quantity on the am trip with some beautiful fluke and jumbo sea bass. Nicole highlighted the trip with 3 including a 6.5 a 4. Frank had two porgys and was happy. Jane Billy and Christine also had nice fluke. On the PM trip we had very little drift and picked away. Jane had a 3lber right away and we had some nice Seabass right away too but it was a grind in the middle. Quite a few 18s were tossed back. The last drift we had a great family moment. Dad Jim and son James hooked up simultaneously. James landed a stud 7.32lber and Jim nailed 8.35 beast winning not only the pool but our Crazy 8’s Contest prize of a T-Shirt and 2 free trips!!


The fluke bite was slower today though June landed her biggest at 5.15lbs this morning and too the pool and Fred nailed a solid 4.25lbs in the afternoon. The Jumbo seabass were on the attack however. Check out these happy family’s who went home with sweet boneless filet!!


The Ebb Tide slayed some beasts on both trips today. In the morning Jane nailed an 8.15lb tote filler and took first, while Dennis had two keepers. One around 4 and the other a 7.85lb stud. Buckets of Seabass and fluke around the boat with Seabass dominant. Sag Harbor Tom also had a pair of flatties. In the afternoon Kevin the Beast Slayer slayed a 7 pounder and took the pool. Boat limit of Seabass and a beauty 4lb triggerfish.


Another day of families bringing home filets on the Ebb Tide! Pictured here is Vicki who took the pm pool with her personal biggest fluke yet, a 5.0lber! Wilson took first again on the morning trip with a 4lber.


Capt Jake reports a solid morning of action on the ‘Tide. Plenty of Seabass with a smattering of Flatties in the mix. Bob from Nesconset took the pool with a 4.5lber and John from Millbrook took second with a chunky 3 1/2. In the afternoon Capt Ant reports difficult drifting conditions but the flatties were chewing so we drilled it out. Heather from Mastic, who had a nice 3lber in the morning took the pool with a 6lb stud. Lady Reeler Gale from Medford had a 5.0 and took 2nd. Honorable mention to the rest of the “Reelers” Tuttle had a 4.5lb fluke, Sue Ann a 2.75 and Linda 2.5. Anne and Evelyn both had 2 1/2 lb Knot heads. Quite an afternoon for all the Lady’s!!

8/10/21 PM/SUNSET

Captain Jake apologizes for the late report but we had back to back trips of bucket filling bonanzas! On the pm trip we nailed some Studs!! We had a 6.25lber on the first drift and a 7.5 on the last drift. Congrats to Chris from Kings Park on not only catching the doormat but changing up his favorite rig and taking a chance on something new;)! The sunset trip was more of the same tho a Sea Bass takeover for the most part. A few short fluke with only one keeper but again buckets stuffed with Montauk bounty. We also had a whale sighting!

8/10/21 AM

Captain Jake exclaimed “Wilson….come back!!!” That’s because Wilson from Kings Park had a ball and volleyed two 4lb fluke over the rail giving him both first and second place in the pool today! We had a good mix of fluke and sea bass with sea bass dominating the bait. Check out these happy family’s who went home with bags of sweet meat!


So we waited until we had a winner to post our Sunday report. Yes we had a Crazy 8’s contest winner on the morning trip! Congrats to Richie for conquering an 8.04lb Beast. And congrats to Jim for winning yesterday’s tote contest! We had our usual trip, fluke and sea bass on the filet table.

8/7/21 PM

Captain Jake reports a tougher than forecasted wind against tide afternoon and while we were relegated to an inshore zone we picked away and put a catch together by the end of the trip. We had quite a few mollywhopper Seabass. Once again whistle fish Jane true to form nailed the pool winner on the last drift with a 4lber.

8/7/21 AM

Captain Jake reports a good morning of catching both fluke and sea bass. David from Port Washington nailed a stud at 6lbs even on the last drift and delivered him the pool cash! Kevin the Beastslayer had a pair to 4.2lbs which took 2nd place in the pool. Leah outcaught Brett as usual and the lovely couple easily had their boat limit of Seabass.


Captain Jake reports an ok day after yesterday’s storm. There was a leftover swell which made for tougher than normal drifting but as the day progressed the bottom came back to life. On the AM trip sea bass were the dominant force, though we had a few nice fluke. Tess took the pool with a 4.25lber. And Joe took 2nd with a 3.25lber. In the afternoon we changed zones and had some better fluke results. Joe nailed 3 keepers and his second pool of the day at 4lbs. Jane had a pair as well. All in all a solid trip.

8/4/21 PM

In the afternoon in the earlier than expected rain it was more of the same. Sofia took the pool with a 4lb brute and pat took second with a 3.75. Pat also had his limit for the day with one on the am and three on the pm. Tho drenched, these beautiful families had a blast together and all went home with big bags of fillet!

8/4/21 AM

Reports Captain Jake “The ‘Tide Keeps Rollin!” Another stellar day aboard the Ebb Tide of catching beautiful Fluke and delectable Black Sea Bass. On the morning trip it was just an all out bail job from start to finish. The fluke were chewing aggressively and the Sea Bass were just non stop action. Most had an easy limit of knot heads. But Mike from Yonkers nailed a 5.5lb flattie to take the 1st place pool and Neil took the 2nd place pool with a 5.25. We had a bunch over 3 as well. Billy was on fire again with 3 keepers. Pat Chase and John had 5 total with Chase leading the charge.


Captain Jake reports a SeaBassacre on both trips today with full boat limits!!! On the morning trip we had rod bending action from start to finish. Sea Bass were the dominant force though we had a few really good drifts where we nailed multiple keepers. Billy kept his streak alive with a 3lber. Steve had a beauty. Fallon Giselle and Lilly filled a bucket of biscuits. Story of the day was Dad Pat and son Chase sweeping the big pool with a 4 and 3.5lber respectively. Much of the same on the afternoon trip except the Sea Bass were of the Jumbo variety. We had multiple 3-plus pounders. Edwin took the pool with a 3lb Fluke. Check out the pics of these beautiful families who went home happy. They know when you “Ride with the ‘Tide”you’ll have bags of fillet ready to be fried!!

8/2/21 PM

On the afternoon trip, however, we found a beast. Just one day after launching our Crazy Eights contest, we had our first winner. Nicky nailed an 8.30lb stud that won him a tshirt and two free trips. Congrats Nicky!! Janie had a keeper, TJ had two keepers on the day. Louie had one, Zippy nailed one and a nice Ling!! All in all a great trip with plenty of fillet going home to the fryer!!

8/2/21 AM

Captain Jake reports another great day of catching on the 'Tide! Fluke were definitely the dominant species on the morning trip. Nothing big, but we had quantity and rods bending all trip between the fluke and Seabass. James from Oceanside took the pool with a 4lber.

8/1/21 PM

On The PM trip we went further offshore and had our boat limit of sea bass in a little over an hour. Emmett nailed a monster 6.3lb fluke but was not in the pool. Christine however was in the pool and took it with a thick 4.6.

8/1/21 AM

Captain Jake reports a slammer day. Both trips limited on Black Sea Bass and both trips had some hefty Fluke caught. AM highlights start off with the return of Billy. He nailed two keeper fluke and took the pool with a 5.25lb brute. Ratko took second with a 4.5. Michael from Hillsborough NJ nailed his first keeper fluke ever and kept his promise to his mommy. Timmy and Nick had an easy limit of biscuits as did Sal and Anthony.

7/31/21 PM

On the PM trip, the wind was a factor on fluking but not on sea bass. Many had limits. We had a few keeper fluke but Tom from Sag Harbor had a stud at 5.5lbs. Tom also lost an 8+ at the boat. 2nd place went to Chad from New Windsor with a 3.0lber.

7/31/21 AM

Captain Jake reports another good day of harvesting the summer bounty of Montauk waters. On the morning trip we had wind against tide but that didn’t stop the Fluke and Seabass. We had our boat limit of sea bass and a solid amount of fluke scattered around the boat. Pool winners were Joe from Hauppauge with a 6.2lber in 1st place, and Gerard from Medford with a 4.0lber in second. Happy birthday Gerard!!

7/30/21 FULL DAY

Capt Jake’s report for the Fred Smith Plumbing charter is as follows: They came, we caught, we left! All in all a great trip with buckets full of fluke Seabass and scup. Slow start in the morning due to wind against tide but fluking picked up as the day progressed. Don took both pools with a stud 7.4lber followed by a 5.25lber. Tony had a nice one as well. But Martin Wellen Dowd had the catch(well almost) of the day with 4-5ft Great White shark only 1/2 mile off the beach. Check out the pics and thanks again Tony. If you need a plumber call Fred Smith Plumbing!!!

7/29/21 AM

Captain Jake reports a decent morning off the south side of the light. Once again the sea bass were the dominant feeders with fluke turning on towards the end of the trip. Thanks to the Bayside Anglers Club for joining and bringing the laughs and sweeping both pools. Phil had a 3.75 lber. Mike had a 3.5. Leigh Rocco and Matt once again filled a bucket with both fluke and biscuits. Timmy Two Knots had two keeper fluke and a limit of Jumbos. Thanks for spending vaca with us Timmy!!

7/28/21 SUNSET

Captain Jake reports an absolute Jumbo Sea Bass Bonanza on last night’s sunset trip. The big boys were biting from start to finish and we had a full boat limit of sweet meat. Jimmy from Carmel took the fluke pool. As for the sunset, Captain Jake delivered on that too!! 😉 It was nothing short of spectacular!!

7/28/21 PM

Captain Jake reports a decent afternoon. A few nice fluke came over the rails and a few nice sea bass came over the rails and one 9.4lb beast came over the rails. Congrats to Rob on a job well done!!!

7/28/21 AM

Captain Jake reports a solid catching trip on this mornings trip. Seabass were abundant and many had their limit with a nice fluke rounding out their catch. Our good friend Bill from Combs Bait and Tackle used one of his custom rigs and caught a 5.0lb stud, the largest on the boat. Bills grandson Jason was a sea bass machine and is having a great time on his first party boat trip. Timmy Two Knots had 3 keeper fluke. Nick and Julia had a bucketful. Paul Chantal and Cleo from the Springs Farmers Market had a bucket of biscuits, not bad for first timers!!

7/27/21 PM

Captain Jake changed it up in the afternoon and went beast hunting for a group of fluke fanatics. No one was disappointed. We averaged over 2 keepers a person and had some studs. James had a stud at 6.26. Dad Jim had a 5.0. But Sportsman 625 had the Beast at 10.80lbs. Louie joins the double digit club and fishes free the rest of the month. Good thing he’s here the rest of the month!!

7/27/21 AM

Captain Jake reports another banner day on the offshore grounds. Plenty of keeper fluke all around the boat with Seabass up to Jumbo size in the mix. The lovely Nicole had 1 and 1. Lou had a pair. Nick from Smithtown brought home the bacon with his pill winning 4.75 lber.

7/26/21 PM

Captain Jake reports a decent afternoon trip. Lou who was blanked in the morning had 3 keepers to 4lbs Seabass were abundant and most had their limit.

7/26/21 AM

Capt Jake reports another solid morning of catching. Everyone went home with a bag. Pete from West Islip took the pool with a 3.75lber. John was a close second with a 3.5lber.

7/25/21 PM

So far this summer it seems Mother Nature is exacting revenge on us every weekend. But when you have Captain Jake at the helm, being confined to the bay in 20-25 knot winds only means the boys have to fillet faster on the short ride home. We had a great afternoon of fluking for a hearty crew. Nicole had a 3lber. Fred had a 4.25. Joe returned and had a pair but cousin Ramsen took the pool with a 5.4lb stud. Come out tomorrow at 8am and 1pm if you want to witness Captain Jakes magic first hand!

7/25/21 AM

Captain Jake reports another great morning of fishing. Joe took took honors with 3 keepers and the pool with a 5lber. Mike and Ray had a bucket of sea bass. Bobby had a nice fattie. Little Ant got to fish and had three to 4lbs. FISHING IS HOT ON THE TIDE!

7/24/21 PM

Captain Jake’s report is starting to sound like a broken record! This afternoons trip almost mirrored the morning trip except we had a bigger pool fish caught by Sir William of Montauk at 6.5lbs. Willy also limited in the first hour. Big Steve had two(sorry Frank). The lovely Leah had two and a a 5ft sand shark. Little Ant got the afternoon off and had two to 4.5lbs. Kevin the beast slayer had two as well. We had a decent amount of Seabass again.

7/24/21 AM

Captain Jake reports a great morning of fishing. We had keeper fluke on every drift and a smattering of sea bass as well. We had a a couple in the high 3 low 4’s and one pushing 5lbs. Pool winner was Jack with a 6.3lber. Way to go!!


Friday’s Ebb Tide II report from the desk of Captain Jake was another solid day of fishing and catching Montauk’s summer bounty. On the morning trip the first drop had three keeper fluke almost immediately. We picked away the rest of the trip, but no one bested Danny’s 6.8lb doormat. On the afternoon trip we whacked ‘em. Once again Peter was hot but was outdueled by handsome Frank who took the pool. Fred added another after he had one on the am trip. The beautiful Orosz family had 2 keepers and a mess of Seabass. Tanya had a nice afternoon with fluke Seabass and scup.

7/22/21 PM

Captain Jake reports the Eastern Anglers Fishing Club afternoon trip was nothing short of a bail job from start to finish. It wasn’t just good fluke fishing, the beasts were biting and the beast slayer had us on the fish the entire trip. Over 50 keeper fluke with 10 over 5lbs and a full boat limit of Seabass. Wayne, as previously reported, had two absolute slobs at 10.12 and 7.99. He also limited easily. Dave had a 7lber and his limit. Too many limits to mention and too many 4-5lb fish to talk about so check out the pics. Johnny, Ant and Little Ant would like to thank the boys for challenging our knife skills!!!

7/22/21 AM

Capt Jake reports another great family fishing trip. Loads of big black Seabass and a good amount of keeper fluke. Ed from Smithtown not only took the pool but had 3 keepers. Check out these happy families who caught the vibe on the ‘Tide!


Holy Mackerel did we have a fishing trip today. Capt Jake reports a full trip of rod bending action from start to finish. It wasn’t the best of fluke trips but a pretty darn good Sea Bass trip. Between the seabass and macks it was tough even keeping baits on the hook. We had about 100 sea bass and about 200 mackerel. A bunch of fluke came up short with the exception of Marianne who landed a 3lber. Katie took the sea bass pool with a 4lber. In fact Katie and her beautiful family had about 6lbs of sweet filet. Great job to all the wonderful families who took a ride on the ‘Tide.


Sometimes pictures speak louder than words. But for those who look at the reports for words from Captain Jake, all he said was , “Fishing was pretty good today huh?” Pretty good Captain Jake? No, fishing was insane. We’ve had over 70 keepers in the last three trips. Majority ranging between 3-4lbs with quite a few over 5lbs. Highlights were Billy who had 7 this afternoon (orl) and split the pool with Tom at 5.75lbs. Birthday girl Janey had 2 keeper candles on her cake! On the AM trip, Danny took the pool with a 4.4lber. Buckets were stuffed with knothead Seabass as well. Some families had over 10lbs of filet to go home with. Check out the pics of the happy Ebb Tide families that caught both fish and the vibe while riding with the ‘Tide!!

7/19/21 AM

Captain Jake reports another rockin afternoon of half day fluking. The bite was red hot once again. Captain Danny came back out again and once again crushed it with 3 keepers to 5lbs. Tho Handsome Sam bested that with a 5.5lber. Steven came back again from the am trip and added to his fluke catch along with beauty sea bass. Felix and family had a bucket overflowing, Janey had a pair of fat fluke. But the icing on the cake was the father and son tandem of Steve and Matthew. Matthew hooked into a mollywhopper and Dad Steve helped reel in the 7lb 1/2 oz Doormat. Sorry Steve, Matt hooked it so he gets the Lucky 7 contest prize! Another great day of family and friends sharing the vibe as they ride on ‘The Tide!’

7/18/21 PM

Captain Jake took our half day crowd offshore and by far the best fluke trip of the year for the Ebb Tide II. Tallying over 20 keepers, multiple limits of both fluke and sea bass, a jumping thresher shark and an unknown species of toothed pelagic that bit a jumbo sea bass leaving only its head, we had quite a fishing trip. Handsome Frank was the first to limit to 4lbs, easy task when you catch two at a time. Kudos to Little Ant on that net job! Ron the Mechanic had a pair to 4, Jane also added two, Joe, skunked on the am trip was rewarded with about 10lbs of filet. Tiffany from Oceanside took the pool with a mollywhopper at 6.4lbs.

7/18/21 AM

Capt Jake reports an okay morning with a poor drift. We tried to make the best of it landing two keeper fluke, some sea bass, and some porgies, plus a surprise trigger fish bit the line and was successfully landed. The pool winner was Bill from Lynbrook NY. Fluke pictured with this lovely young lady!

7/17/21 PM

Capt Jake reports the warm weather had the fish feeding this afternoon. All left the boat happy and ready to eat some fish. Multiple jumbo sea bass up to 3.5lbs and multiple customers being close to a limit of fluke one of which was our pool winner john from sag harbor NY who landed three keeper fluke. John also joined the Lucky 7’s Club with his pool winner today!

7/17/21 AM

Capt. Jake reports a hot and foggy morning. With plenty of seabass to fill the pails and fluke up to 6.77lbs. We had a special appearance from some dolphins on the trip back in. The pool winner was Danny from Medford, NY with a beautiful fluke


Captain Jake reports another trip with a few studs over the 4lb mark this morning. Peter from Chappaqua took the pool with a 5.7lber and Janey from Montauk took second place with a 5.0lb slob. Peter also nailed a 4.5. Thick keeper fluke were scattered around the boat and buckets were loaded with Seabass as well. Christine did a fine job sharking as she landed a 12lb cape shark.

7/15/21 SUNSET

Finally we had the weather to sail our sunset fishing trip and with a great bunch of families and friends, the fishing and the sunset did not disappoint. Peter from Islandia took the pool with a jumbo sea bass. Most buckets were filled with biscuits as they were jumping on the hooks. Plenty of short fluke also kept the rods bending. Pics tell the story

7/15/21 PM

Captain Jake reports a stellar afternoon of fishing. Sea bass up to 3.5lbs and fluke hitting 10lbs. That’s right, another double digit monster aboard ‘The Tide’! Pat took the pool with his absolute Doormat of a 10lber, joining Kevin the Fluke Slayer in our Double Digit Club. And as a club member, Pat fishes for free the rest of the month. But that’s not all! He also added a 7lber to his bucket, making him yet another Lucky 7’s Winner and the proud owner of an Ebb Tide T-Shirt (pictured below). All on his last day of vacation too! Congratulations Pat on breaking the record of most contests won on one trip!

7/15/21 AM

Captain Jake reports a standout morning with buckets full of jumbo sea bass and fluke. The sea bass were feeding early this morning and as they slowed down, the fluke began to to chew. The pool winners this morning were Dan from New Jersey with a 4.6 lb fluke for second place and for first place… Dorothy from Goshen NY with a beautiful 7.7lb fluke!! That makes Dorothy the third Lucky 7’s Winner! Will you be the next? Join our mailing list and head on out to catch a ride on ‘The Tide’ this weekend!


Capt Jake reports a morning full of happy families. Everyone left the boat with bags of sea bass and some with a few filets of fluke. The pool came down to the last drift the first place fish caught by Ann of Hicksville at 4.3lbs and the second place fish caught by Jane from Montauk at 3lbs. This afternoon was non-stop action. We picked through the sea bass and found jumbos and a couple of keeper fluke. The pool winner was Tony from East Rockaway. Young Felix felt like giving up all trip because he couldn’t get a keeper. That was until our final drift when he landed a 4.6 lb fluke! Way to go on scoring the biggest fluke of the day!


Capt Jake reports another November weather day in July, but another day of hearty families catching meals and then some on the Ebb Tide II!! In the morning we had a nice showing of keeper fluke and a generous mix of jumbo Seabass. 9 year old Will from Bayville took the pool with a 2.7 lber. Tom Jr and Tom Sr added keeper flatties and the family filled a bucket of biscuits. On the afternoon trip we had a Lucky 7’s Contest Winner!! Congrats to Shaun from Bohemia who weighed in a 7.36 Doormat!! See you again Shaun on your free trips!! The boys in the bow filled a bucket Jumbos as did most families on the boat.


Captain Jake reports an improvement in size on the fluke grounds this morning but a less than stellar volume. All in all we managed a keeper a customer with a few blues and sea bass in the mix. The afternoon however was a typical Montauk springtime bloodbath. Fluking was slow at the light, but everything else was chewing with voracity. We switched to jigs and bailed blues stripers porgys and sea bass. To top it off on the last drift Sally nailed this beauty fluke to take the pool.


Captain Jake reports a tale of two trips. The morning trip the wind came up a bit earlier than expected and built a pretty stiff se swell. We managed about 30 shorts and a couple of keepers but nothing over 20 inches. In the afternoon we were flying down the beach with the wind and tide together. Terri Coleman managed a keeper which took the pool but Captain Jake had seen enough of mother nature’s havoc so he changed plans and went to the light where we bailed Striped Bass, Blues and Jumbo Porgys on jigs for the remainder of the trip. Everyone got in on the action.


Captain Jake reports the 6 hour Doormat Hunt was somewhat successful. We had a plethora of shorts and Jumbo sea bass (released unharmed) to keep it lively most of the trip and had a few keepers in the mix. Definitely a more aggressive bite than last week. However doormats were the goal and Capt. Jake found one. Capt Tom Mikoleski of The Grand Slam charter boat nailed a 9lber on light charter boat tackle!!! Chris H. from Farmingdale took the pool with a 3.4lber. Double D Danny had double digit shorts and a 20” keeper. Little Ant caught his largest sea bass ever at 5.25lbs.